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Do You or Your Loved Ones Face a Immigration Problem?

If so, the Texas immigration attorneys at Thomas Hunter Legal Group can help you. If you face deportation removal, you wish to apply for a visa or green card, or you need help with another immigration concern, we have the experience to help you solve your immigration problems.

Deportation Removal for a Felony Criminal Conviction

The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 lists aggravated felony convictions as a deportable offense. Certain misdemeanor convictions can lead to removal proceedings as well.

Fortunately, Thomas Hunter Legal Group  is a full-service law firm. We have criminal law attorneys, as well as immigration attorneys, available to assist you. The sooner we get involved in your case, the greater we can begin to work to avoid deportation removal.


The visa law firm of Thomas Hunter Legal Group provides clients legal assistance with visas, a common immigration-related problem. For example, the firm’s immigration lawyers can help expedite the visa application process for foreign nationals seeking residency in the United States based on employment skills.

Our immigration lawyers can address many of the common immigration problems faced by our clients, including:

  • B-1/B-2
  • E-1 or E-2
  • J-1 Waiver
  • L-1 Petition/Application
  • Relative Petitions and Applications
  • Permanent Residence / Green Card
  • Labor Certification
  • Permanent Resident Investor
  • Naturalization
  • Asylum
  • Revalidation of Visa
  • Re-entry Permit
  • Removal Proceedings
  • Denial Appeal-Marriage
  • Federal Court Mandamus
  • Denial Appeal within The Department of Homeland Security
  • Presumption of Fraud
  • Change of Non-Immigrant Status
  • Motion to Reconsider
  • Removal to Appeal BIA
  • Federal Court Proceedings
  • Exclusion Proceedings
  • Registry
  • Consular Processing